The Point

That first night with my crush down at the point may have been the first time that we went down there together, but it wouldn’t be our last. In fact we went back two days later and did nearly the same thing but with a different group of people.

There was a boy in our group of friends who I had no idea, liked me and he was there that night just like he was there two nights before. I didn’t know then and I wouldn’t know for another month about his feelings and so as not to leave you in search of an answer, nothing came of them. But it did pose a slight problem when it came to making a move on my crush.

The boy and I were close and we had kissed before during a game. But I didn’t see him in any way other than as a friend. However, to everybody else in our group, it looked like I was flirting with him. It was actually the opposite of this.

When I get comfortable with a person I have no problem with sharing clothes and food with them. And the same could be said for him. The first time that we had gone down to the point, he and I had ended up swapping our uniforms which we were supposed to wear in two days when people came. But the fact that we switched on the night that we did meant that we would then have to wear the other’s uniform when people came. This led not only to my crush thinking that I liked my friend, but also other staff members and groups who had come to stay were led to the same conclusion.

He was a cool guy, don’t get me wrong. He was sweet and funny, but at the same time he wasn’t going to let you get away with being an asshole. He called things how he saw them and he is a good friend. But that didn’t change the way that I felt about him.

Now that you have a bit more context on the situation, I will get back to the point (see what I did there?).

The next night that we went as a group, we stayed in a clearing and I ended up bringing a blanket and food down. However I forgot to bring coffee which was a staple if i was going to stay down there while the rest of the group did. So a new hire and I ended up going back up to the cabin and while we walked I was telling him about my crush. I never mentioned a name, but the guy clued in pretty quickly and told me, “wow, it sounds like you’re really falling for the guy.” to which I responded with a quick “no I’m not”. I didn’t know it then, but I was falling for the guy and quite hard might I add.

We eventually got my coffee and went back down to rejoin our group of coworkers who were talking. We sat back down and I eventually ended up giving my friend who everyone thought I liked my blanket and some coffee. After a bit of sharing back and forth with my coffee, another one of my friends pulled me aside and told me how much it looked like I was hitting on the kid. She told me that I needed to share with my crush as well and I listened to her.

I went back over to the guys and I offered him some coffee. He took some and we went back to our conversation.

After a few hours the friend who people thought I liked ended up laying down in my blanket and I ended up with my head on his stomach, my crush with his head on his back and we were all falling sleep. I was sleep deprived and uncomfortable so I turned around and poked my crush’s back. When he asked what I was doing I told him, “Your back isn’t comfy.”. In response to this he told me to hold on and I watched as he sat up and took his jacket off then proceeded to lay back down and put it on his back.

It was adorable and considerate and I didn’t know what to do for a moment. But once i figured it out, I poked his back again and told him that it was better. I still wasn’t quite sure what to do, but I was tired and not thinking straight which lead me to move to the other side of our friend and lay my head on my crush’s back.

We stayed like that for a while and then we were getting ready to head our separate ways. But before we did that I did the most girly thing known to man and I “stole” his jacket. It was cold and I offered it back to him, but he wouldn’t take it. And that is how I ended up wearing a jacket that was at least three sizes to big for me to flags the next morning.

That was a big night not only for me, but also for our relationship that was soon to come. It was when he started to realize that I liked him because I did the following:

  • Asked him if he was straight and when he replied with “yes”  I told him “good”
  • Said that I was only 85% gay
  • Cuddled onto him
  • Stole his jacket

That night was one of the best nights that I had this summer. And it was all about getting straight to the point.



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