Depressing People

I have come to realize over the span of the past two weeks that I am seemingly drawn to depressing people.

This realization was not all that surprising especially since in many of my friendships I play the role of the therapist. By this I mean that I listen to others’ problems and try to provide them with the solutions or answers that they need.

I recently met a girl who I was quite looking forward to being friends with, but upon our meeting she announced that she had a crush on me. I, being the person that I am, told her that she shouldn’t tell me these things because she had a partner. Her response to this was to break up with her partner and flirt with me.

I don’t like to e the bringer of bad news so I tried to let her down easy and tell her that while I do not feel the same way about her at this time, I may someday in the future, grow to reciprocate her feelings.

Once I had said this everything took a downward spiral. The following day was Valentine’s day (which I personally believe to be a corporal facilitated holiday to make people spend money). However all day, all this girl did was be depressing and complain about being single, when in reality the only reason that she was single was because she had left her partner to try to date me.

I never came onto this girl or insinuated that I may have been attracted to her, I simply redirected the conversation when she would start to flirt with me. I would nonchalantly bring the attention back to the fact that she was in a relationship. So I honestly did not in any way, shape, or form try to lead her on.

In short, I am continually finding that the people closest to me are depressing and I find myself walking on egg shells around them. I am scared to tell them how I really feel or what I really think for the fear that they will do something that they will regret in the future.

I guess that that is it.


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