Ice Skating

Hey! I actually am being kinda consistent with my updates! Today is only my second day having this blog but I’m updating, haha.

So today I went ice skating for the first time. I will admit that I thought that I would die. But I didn’t.

I had told my mother everything that I wanted done once I died too. I told her the following things:

  • To play Mama by MCR at my funeral
  • Fly my best friend out for my funeral
  • To contact my online friends and let them know what happened
  • The bury me wearing Unicorn Blood by Jeffree Star

Once I was finished being a drama queen, I went out onto the ice and actually  had fun. It was pretty cool too!

I thought that the sound of the blades on the ice would be grating on my ears but it wasn’t. I actually wasn’t all that noticeable at all.

Overall, once I got past the fact that my toes were numb, it was an enjoyable experience. I would definitely recommend it for anyone who enjoys skating.

That is all for today. I will hopefully update tomorrow!


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