Hard Candy (Movie Review)

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am in no way, shape, or form, a movie critic.But, like many modern-day people, I do enjoy watching movies to pass the time. That being said, this is my personal review/take on the movie Hard Candy.


In the movie, a young girl is talking to a man online when she decides that it is time to meet him. As a watcher I thought that this spelled trouble with a capital ‘T’. As the movie progressed I noticed a few things.

The first being that the girl behaved in a much more mature manner than she said she was.

This brings me to the second thing that I noticed, the girl seemed to be putting quite a bit of attention on her age. Her age being 14.

Throughout the movie the character was constantly mentioning her age.

She was also very invasive of personal space. It might just be me, but even if I were to meet someone online and go back to their house (which I would never do), would it really be acceptable to go through their personal things?

As the movie progressed, I was picking up on little things like the way that even though she had told the man that she had met online that she wouldn’t drink a drink he had made, she made him drink beverages that she had prepared. I thought this was sketchy and my thoughts were proved to have the right origin when it was revealed that the girl had poisoned the drink which the man had had.

It was at the point of this revelation that the movie took a very dark and twisted turn.

The girl had done some research of her own and had come to find out that the man which she had “befriended” online was in fact a pedophile.

She then took it into her own hands to deal out a punishment of sorts.

This seemingly “innocent” girl began to torture the man and go through his things. She found a picture of a girl who had gone missing, along with different pictures of nude, underage females.

The movie continued to move along and I found myself both horrified and intrigued by this girl’s actions. She had the man convinced that she had castrated him. He was in tears, begging her not to and she still “continued” with the procedure.

When the girl left the room to “shower” the man managed to escape from the ropes that were binding him and he found that he still had both of his testicles. Once he had made this discovery, the man had set out to kill the girl. He went into the bathroom in which he had believed her to be showered, only she wasn’t there. The girl managed to overpower him and attacked him from behind. He was pushed into the shower where she then tasered him.

Once he was unconscious, the girl brought the man into the kitchen where she hung him in a noose but left him standing on a chair so that he was still able to breathe.

I find this a bit ironic, because the man ultimately ends up hanging himself.

This movie was remarkably planned and well executed from my point of view. I also find it to be quite amazing that the entire movie only consisted of five cast members. I believe that this goes to show that quantity doesn’t always dictate quality.

I found the way in which the actress Ellen Page portrayed the young girl to be amazing. I definitely recommend this movie to anyone who isn’t easily disturbed.




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