Hey! Welcome to my blog! I’m Grace (hence the cheesy name “Simply Graceful”). I know it is kinda really stupid, but it’s the best I could come up with. So I guess the point of a blog is to write things… So I’ll do my best to do that, haha.

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This is an about so I’m just going to go ahead and tell you a few things about myself:

  • I’m a major league Pentaholic.
  • My favorite store is Hot Topic.
  • I mostly wear shades of black and grey.
  • All of the photos (aside from the leafy fall one on my home page) are photographed by me.
  • I want to be a therapist and help people when I’m older .
  • I absolutely LOVE flannels.
  • I have OCD so most things need to be in increments of four in order for me to feel alright about them.
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Instagram: @fcutegrassihoying

Twitter: @grace_piercee

Quotev: @mitchsleftnipple